Kantorp-Wegl.in is a Stockholm based design duo with a broad variety of experience of work. Kantorp-Wegl.in's body of work includes everything from logos and websites to branding and identity. With clients from all over the world, the value has been to get a close relationship with each and every one for best results.

Branding & Identity

"There's nothing like creating a brand identity from scratch, with the dynamic process from the first concept sketches to that final satisfying product." With a unique sense of style, innovative ideas and a broad background, Kantorp-Wegl.in has a stong foundation to create well thought through brand identities.

Graphic design & Illustration

With a widespread background in arts and design, Kantorp-Weglin's approach has come from different angles in each and every project, creating new and exciting, cutting-edge directions. So far the portfolio of work has varied from quirky illustrations for t-shirt prints to clean minimalist graphical logos and layouts.

Web design & Development

The presence on the web is getting more and more essential each day and it's important to communicate the right message to reach the target audience. Kantorp-Wegl.in works from scratch from wireframes to development and include the client all the way in the process. The end result is as important as the design journey.

Jennie is currently studying Interactive Art Director at Hyper Island in Stockholm. She has a background in fashion design and has worked as Creative Director with concepts and research for kantorp-wegl.in. To relax she likes to solve Sodoku and go sauna bathing. See more work by Jennie here.

Razi is currently happy making meaningful web at whitespace. She is an experienced UX, UI, front-end developer and Graphic Designer with great illustrations skills. Besides design she loves to play Dots and her personal record is currently 603.


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